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Crosswire by Ed Wright composed for at ICC

Inventor Composer Coaction (ICC)
Edinburugh 9th May 2012

Interdisciplinary collaboration from new musical inventions to new musical creations

The Inventor Composer Coaction is a novel project designed to facilitate collaboration between composers and developers of bespoke digital or electronic instruments, for the creation of new music. It will take place at the Department of Music, University of Edinburgh, during the first half of 2012.
We invite inventors of new musical instruments to submit examples of their work. These will be displayed on this web page, creating a public archive of new electronic instruments. The submissions will be reviewed by a group of upcoming and established postgraduate composers, at the University of Edinburgh. The composers will each select an instrument by way of a voting process. Over a three month period they will compose a new work for the instrument and the Red Note Ensemble, assisted through close communication with the inventor. The compositions will be performed in a concert of new music, Edinburgh, in 2012.

Over a three month period they will compose a new work for the instrument and the Red Note Ensemble, assisted through close communication with the inventor. The compositions will be performed in a concert of new music at the Jam House, Edinburgh, on May 9th 2012.


Crosswirethe instrument created by Ed Wright  is displayed to the performer and audience as a hexagonal constellation   Each dot represents a processor, when a dot is small the processor is off, when it is large it is on, and lines between dots symbolise links sending audio out of one process to another.

From top left clockwise: clean output ,delays, additive synth, panning, sampler and comb filter. A number of links can also be seen such as from panning to the sampler and comb filter all controlled by the input audio from a ”real” instrument, usually a violin.

Each of these processors is in turn controlled by the pitch/volume/harmonic analysis. In the case of the delays the delay time and feedback are also changed in real time as a result of the analysis.


ICC is generously supported by an Innovation Initiative Grant from the Edinburgh Fund, and by the

Roberts' Fund for Researcher-Led Initiatives.


Return to BEAM

Following our success at the inaugural BEAM festival last year we are very proud to be returning - this time with an interactive version of Crosswire by Ed Wright .

Also " Harp Set " by Ed Wright will be featuring in the AV room.


BEAM is a high-tech music weekender, a playground of homemade instruments and sonic installations, where you can listen to, watch and learn how to create your own physically living electronic music.  BEAM was devised by Artistic Director Sarah Nicolls to explore the potential physicality of electronic music. The focus on electronic music being created LIVE is explored through a programme of performances, demonstrations, installations and workshops. BEAM brings together a global audience of artists, researchers, DiY electronics builders and enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans.

The Symposium starts at 11am on Friday with Sergi Jorda’s keynote – inventor of the ReacTable – currently scheduled for 4pm. The Festival proper begins at 5pm on Friday and runs through until Sunday afternoon.

This year there is  an even bigger BEAM Open Space hosting new instruments, interfaces, demonstrations, installations and performances submitted through the BEAM Open Call. And on Saturday evening the main auditorium will be transformed for the BEAM sleepover as Jana Winderen explores the audio topography of the oceans and the depth of ice crevasses, revealing the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath in a one-off night-long performance.

Other performers include - Julie Wilson-Bokowiec   performing V’Oct (Ritual), composed by Mark Bokowiec -   J. M. Bowers working with home-brew electronics, self-made instruments and reconstructions of antique image and sound-making devices, alongside contemporary digital technology.

The workshops line up is incredible with a 3 day workshop working with the award winning Xth Sense and its inventor Marco Donnarumma - Participants build their own XS biosensor and learn how to generate interactive music from the muscle sounds of their bodies.

Ryan Jordan will be leading a workshop on Channelling Interference - an experimental performance exploring biofeedback and the body’s crude replication and integration into electronic circuits.

And if that was not enough ! - Introduction to SuperCollider through Live Coding with Benoit & the Mandelbrots

Check out all the information on

Ed Wright - Sound Art installations

Y Galeri Art Space - Caernarfon

Safle Celf (Art Space) 2-13 April 2012
Galeri Caernarfon


Sound installation and interactive audio works. From April 2nd - 13th 2012 this wonderful art space will be showing "Harpset" - a music and visual exploration of fratals . As well as the hugely popular "Hopscotch" - where you can be the composer. By using movement within the space you control the sounds generated and create your own sound art.

Doc Victoria
Gwynedd LL551SQ

3rd March 2012 - 1115 California time

Ed Wright in the USA

"Con- Chords " by Ed Wright has been selected to be played in the WEALR - world electro acoustic listening room . This prestigious California State University will be the first time Dr Wright's compositions have been played in the USA in a live setting . ( His works featured on Ergo Phizmiz New York WMFU. Radio back in 2008 ) So if you happen to fancy an excuse to pop over to California for the morning - here is potentially the reason you were looking for. ! New Music Festival Con - Chords by Ed Wright California State University Fullerton Campus

26 -27 /04/ 2012

Ed Wright presents "Con- Chords"

Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition
Thursday 26 - Friday 27 April 2012

The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition is an annual event focusing on research and practice related to innovations in Music Production and Composition. The goal is to bring together composers, producers, music industry representatives, academics, educators and research students to discuss their practice, research and industry experiences; The Forum encourages participants and delegates that represent the commercial music industry and academia. Past keynote speakers have included Bill Drummond (KLF, pictured), Jazzie B (Soul II Soul, pictured), David Toop and Leigh Landy.

22 - 24th March 2013

Code Control

Ed Wright has been selected to showcase his prolific violin improvisation software "Crosswire " at the Code Control conference.

Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre in Leicester will be hosting its 3rd international conference for artists, musicians, students and teachers to explore software which enables the development of unique sounds, stunning visuals and engaging interactive media

Running from the 22nd – 24th March 2013, Code Control will bring together users Max, the popular programming software created by Cycling ’74.

"Crosswire" has travelled extensively over the last 12 months, with Ed performing at Scaledown in London and the Sound Travels Symposium in Toronto , composed for at The Inventor Composer Coaction in Edinburgh, an interactive version featured at BEAM .

Its always been well recieved, and its a great honour to have the work and success recognised by the people who created the software he used to write it.

For more information on the event visit -

Ed Wright wil be performing " Crosswire " on Sunday evening

March April and May 2015

Chaparral's Pilgrimage

Chaparral Andrew Hodges is setting off on a musical pilgrimage along the Llyn Peninsula. He will be starting at St Hywyns' Church in Aberdaron on Saturday 21st March and playing in 8 fantastic churches along the NW coast concluding at Bangor Cathedral in late May. There will be a summary concert in Llangwnnadl to coincide with the Llyn Arts Festival on Tuesday 26th May.


Each live concert will be recorded to become the backing track for the next performance Andrew describes his music as ‘not at all mainstream’
He will be experimenting with different sounds and sound patterns
to create something which is truly unique.

’For my concerts I will be using a modern sound synthesiser and a digital recorder to construct slowly changing audio scenarios (soundscapes). Whilst they are intended to tell a story with sound, these quadraphonic works do not obey any kind of traditional musical rules and contain many of my unusual sound textures, arriving at the listener from all directions’.


Here are the dates -

A series of Free Concerts on the Llyn Peninsula - all welcome !
Dates, venues & times : 
1. St Hywyns’ Aberdaron, - Sat March 21st at 7.00pm
2. St Cwfans, Tudweilliog - Tues March 24th at 3.00pm
3. St Aelhaearns, Llanaelhearn - Sat March 28th at 7.30pm
4. St Beuno, Clynnog Fawr - Sat April 11th at 7.30pm
5. St Gwyndaf, Llanwnda - Mon April 27th at 7.30pm
6. Llanfairisgaer in y Felinheli - tba
7. Bangor cathedral - tba
8. St Gwynhoedls, Llangwnnadl - Tues May 26th at 7.30pm  

You can also still buy "Morbius" and other works  by Chaparral Andrew Hodges at


!8th , 19th and 20th September 2015

Sonic Wave Laboratory - Charles Gershom and Ed Wright

Sonic Wave Laboratory
Charles Gershom and Ed Wright .
Llawn 03 18 / 19th / 20 th September 2015 .
Llandudno Promenade .

This weekend on Llandudno Promenade be prepared to engage with and be immersed in the Sonic Wave Laboratory . Two sonic artists ( Charles Gershom and Ed Wright ) have been tinkering , soldering , coding , sawing and taking big boat rides to create a wondrous interactive delight .

Whatever you may think about them the wind turbines now form part of the view from Llandudno promenade . This tension of mixed views has been the inspiration for this brand new sonic display . A series of Wind Turbines will be located along the promenade , which the public are whole heartedly invited to play with . These windmills are linked to the sound equipment housed inside a bathing machine ( opposite Venue Cymru ) , where the audience will be able to hear the outcome in ambisonic 4 channel sound .

Sounds such as sea shanty , seagulls , children playing will all be manipulated by the windmills and controllers from within the bathing machine creating a perpetually evolving score generated by audience interaction.
Also within the sounds are recordings that Ed and Charles made whilst they had a day out visiting those windmills you can see on the horizon . All of the windmills are sensitive to rotation speed , however, one of the windmills is also fitted with sensors , acting as a sonic barometer , so nature will also have a hand in the composition . The sensors are built to react to air pressure  , humidity, light and temperature.

So , come along to the Sonic Wave Laboratory and have a go at composing sonic art using windmills ! Guaranteed fun for all ages . 

For more information on the artists visit

Charles Gershom
Twitter - @CharlesGershom
Facebook – charlesgershomartist

Ed Wright
twitter - @edwright_v440


2 March 2012

Chaparral Andrew Hodges at the Greek

The master purveyor of eclectic improvisation is back in Bangor with his truly unique sounds

with Wil Williams

Greek Taverna Upper Bangor LL57 2EG

from 9pm

19 november

Blipfonica Live

7th October 2011

Chaparral Andrew Hodges - Low Headroom

As part of a series of ongoing live music nights our high Chaparral will be entertaining and delighting as part of this musical cavalcade hosted by Wil Williams.

Low Headroom , Morgan Lloyds Caernarfon. 9pm onwards

22, 23 october

Emma Louis - Take Your Ears for a Walk

As part of the festival within a festival - Blinc Digital Arts Festival, alongside Gwledd Conwy Feast.


Emma Louis – Take Your Ears For A walk.

The sounds will always be there, but will anyone be listening ?

Our world has some wonderful sounds, but we rarely take the time to notice them. “Take your Ears for a Walk “ invites you to experience this overlooked element of the world around you. Intense listening can become meditative, and as you become tuned in the brain naturally begins to separate sounds, heightening directionality. Smaller sounds are perceived and the world is turned into a multi directional soundscape. The locations have been carefully chosen to reflect various elements of naturally occurring phenomena of Conwy, the sounds of the festival will play an important role in this, and sites have been chosen to incorporate it.

This piece is inspired by when I did some sound recording around Conwy for “Y Twr” by Ed Wright 3 years ago. I went on a sonic adventure in and around the town walls and what started as a basic recording project became an emotional journey. As I grew up in Conwy I found that many sounds had not changed from when I was a child, bringing back so many memories. I discovered “my Conwy “ and indeed a large part of me through these sounds

The Royal British Legion in Conwy will be the Blinc Festival hub, with information on Emma's Take your Ears for a Walk. Greg Byatts Digital Screening Room will also be located at this venue. You will be able to pick up a catalogue here and also get yourself a drink at the bar.

Conwy Legion,
Church Street,
LL32 8AF

Open from 1pm on Saturday and Sunday


october 29th 2011

Chaparral Andrew Hodges Live

At the Greek Taverna upper Bangor LL57 2EG

from 9pm onwards.

November 19th 2011 730 pm

Blipfonica Proms

Blipfonica artists are working with an especially selected ensemble of classical musicians from Bangor University to bring you a unique presentation in wonderful surroundings. Combining live electronic compositions with live strings in amazing church acoustics. This promises to be our most mind blowing event yet .

Featuring works by -  Ed Wright ( Starlight Snowfall , The Way I Saw It )

Chaparral Andrew Hodges ( Musical Con Sequences - world premiere )

Bright Anti - Star, Allen Ince, Jo Cakebread ,Frances Pritchard, Jack Corlett and Michael Kirkpatrick . .

The repertoire is diverse, as you would expect from Blipfonica, from purely electroacoustic, classical, mainstream pop, and experimental, so there truly is something for everyone.As well a visual art display by Michele Sutton and David Makin.

The venue has superb acoustics, idealy suited to the full audio quality of this dynamic event, Penrallt Church Upper Bangor has held concerts for the likesof harpist Ctrin Finch previously. And we are deeply honoured to be able to play our concert in such an amazing church.

Tickets are only £5 ( £3 with student /oap card ) and under 12's are free.

if you are interested in purchasing your tickets in advance please e-mail

Blipfonica Proms. Saturday november 19th 730 pm

Penrallt Church, Upper Bangor LL57 2EU



11th February 2012


The second event in our programme exploring the acoustics of churches in Wales. A varied programme of  experimental sonic compositions and improvisations  including works by Ed Wright, Emma Louis, Allen Ince , Chaparral Andrew Hodges and Roy Woods ................ As well as ...............

We are also very very proud to be bringing experimental genius Simon Jones ( Noise Club , Frakture )  in from Liverpool, under the guise of HOT HAIL  his solo project.     ( )                                                    His work is very visual as he creates, loops and manipulates sounds live usuing a miriad of instruments in unexpected ways.

Capel Ebeneser, Chapel Street Caernarfon. LL55 2PR  ( just off the square )

Tickets £5 / £3  under 12 free

10th March 2012

" Who Can Hear the Sea ?" by Ed Wright


As part of the Bangor New Music Festival -
Premiere of a sound installation piece " Who Can Hear the Sea ? "  by Ed Wright  in the amazing setting of St Cybi's Church Holyhead.
As well as performances of works produced by Ed and local school children during workshops.   
11 - 4 pm . saturday march 10th St cybi's Church Holyhead
  The Geek Speak -

'Who Can Hear The Sea? ', sound Installation for: Surround sound audio and max/msp

Who Can Hear The Sea? is a sound installation commissioned by the Bangor New Music Festival. The sea is a major theme of this year’s festival as well as being a fascinating subject for recording. In developing this piece I tried to record the sound of the sea, free from outside influences such as: wind, road noise and sea gulls, but gradually became aware of a number of issues that arise.
Beside the practical issues of trying to find a silent beach on a windless day, with big waves, water by itself makes little or no noise; it is the matter and energy around it, in it, acting on it and contained in it that makes it sonorous. In addition to this there is the dynamic but structured nature of the sea, it is constantly changing, in an incredibly complex, yet ordered way.
Who Can Hear The Sea? Uses recordings of sea waves as its basis and then uses computer processing and techniques such as subtractive synthesis to shape confine and restrict these sounds to create a number of sonic objects or ‘musical’ statements.
These sound objects have then been edited together to create 8 audio loops, the longest of which is 7’02” and the shortest of which is 5’59”. These loops all play simultaneously and repeat as they reach the end of each play through. Thus the different loops move in and out of phase. Not only does this make for a constantly changing piece, it means that just like the sea you can listen to it and hear ongoing similarities but it will never be quite the same again; as for all the loops to come back to the start and line up exactly it would take 1875 years, 1 day, and 16 seconds (roughly)!

Ed's  Blog Entry -

I have spent the evening working on Who Can Hear the Sea. There is something there now, I’m not sure what, it still needs a lot of refining but it is growing into being a useful installation piece. To keep the work open and moving it is based around the idea of 8 surround sound audio loops running at once with sound objects/musical gestures on each of them. The trick is that when each loop gets to the end it simply starts again, but no two loops are quite the same length. The loops last for:
401, 397, 389, 383, 379, 373, 367 & 359 seconds.
All of these figures by my reckoning are prime numbers. Once the piece has been started it will take around 1800 years for it to all come back into sync. This is all well and good and fits with the idea of water and the image it is never the same even though it may be the same stretch of water.
From a musical and composing point of view making this work is becoming more interesting. In order to retain much musical sense, at some level each loop must be self contained. As the loops become staggered the different elements of composite sounds will obviously go out of sync, therefore to create a piece that does not simply sound out of sync there must be complete musical gestures contained within each loop. Obviously these can interact with other loops much like phasing in minimalism or fugue and countersubject, but in much the same way there needs to be completeness to each element.
Moving up from this level we get into context and causality, trying to introduce the various elements and gestures in a self contained way. Rather like going to a party and having to introduce yourself to everyone, it is hard to get a system to introduce itself: firstly at all (how do you prepare for something with that something?) and then how to achieve this without becoming oddly repetitive (Hello I’m X and I work in Y, how are you? Have you met Z?)
Once this hull is breached how does one create structure?
I am placing faith in two apparently contradictory points of view. Firstly the minimalism/fugue analogy, in this work is at some level very similar in that there are complex elements arranged within a very strict (if somewhat less apparent) time structure. Secondly, that I am emulating the stretch of water image. Once this is realised the rest falls into place. Perhaps I am not creating ‘musical’ structure but rather a different, time based structure on which I am hanging various sonic artefacts that help the listener to navigate through it by mapping time, the relationships of the cyclical loops and augmenting the aesthetic experience of this passage of time and memory.

17th May 2012

Ed Wright - Who can Hear the Sea - Concert version

The concert is on a lunchtime, Thursday 17th May and will be projected over the rather lovely UH Diffuse Dynaudio 8(9).1 system. John Lill Centre for Music Studies > Faculty for the Creative Arts > University of Hertfordshire > United Kingdom

7th June 2012

Emma Louis performs with Frakture

Frakture, our dear experimental friends in Liverpool, are putting together another evening of diverse sonic arts , and we are very proud that a Blipfonica artist is joining them.

Performance sonic artists Emma Louis will be joining the team to perform  4' 33 " by John Cage and  Monotone Symphony by Yves Klein .  " As so much of my work challenges how people listen , and what constitutes music it is a genuine honour to have been invited to be involved with this project. These composers were exploring shared concepts 60 years ago and creating controversy in the artistic world. These are two pieces I am very proud to be re-creating. "

" Thus, even in its presence, this symphony does not exist. It exists outside of the phenomenology of time because it is neither born nor will it die. However, in the world of our possibilities of conscious perception, it is silence – audible presence."

Yves Klein, Overcoming the problematics of art

There will also be new works performed by local experimenal composers Eric Wilson and Simon Jones amongst others.

Frakture Presents Acoute IV - A Call Out in the Silence - 7th June 2012 -   7:30 pm                                                             BlueCoat Centre -  School Lane
United Kingdom
L1 3BX

Tickets £5 / 3


21 June 2012

Risk Of Shock

Risk of Shock 21st June 2012
JP Hall Bangor University Wales

Including works from Richard Garret, Ed Wright, Rob Mackay and the Pelydrau education project as well as performances from rising star clarinettist Sioned Eleri Roberts, Risk of Shock’s 7th  concert promises to be an interactive and engaging event second to none.

Rob Mackay ( ) is a composer, sound artist and performer. He gained a degree in Geology and Music at the University of Keele, studying composition there with Mike Vaughan, before going on to complete a Master's and PhD with Andrew Lewis at the University of Wales, Bangor.

Rob’s main area of research is in electroacoustic composition and sound art. Recent projects have moved towards a cross-disciplinary approach, including theatre, audio/visual installation work, and human/computer interaction. His work has received over 140 performances in 16 countries (including several performances on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 1).

He is currently collaborating with percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie on the Ruskin Rocks project, led by a team of scientists and musicians at Leeds University who have created two new stone instruments (lithophones):


For more details see

Cultural Olympiad - Ed Wright

Cauldrons and Furnaces

Cauldrons and Furnaces 1 July 2012
The Cultural Olympiad in Wales
Caernarfon Castle



This exciting three-year Cadw initiative will showcase the rich cultural diversity of our small nation through a wide range of creative activities at eight historic sites. These are namely Caernarfon Castle, Harlech Castle, Flint Castle, Denbigh Castle, St Davids Bishop’s Palace, Laugharne Castle, Blaenafon Ironworks and Caerphilly Castle.

Cauldrons and Furnaces is designed to mirror the celebrations leading up to London 2012 and is a partnership between Cadw, the Welsh Assembly Government’s historic environment service and the Arts Council of Wales with funding from Legacy Trust UK. The variety of colourful events on show will include community art workshops, dance, music and creative crafts activities.

Caernarfon Castle
Castle Ditch
LL55 2AY
01286 677617

Arts Council Wales


27th July 2012

Blipfonica artists Scaledown

We are very pleased to announce that Ed Wright and Philharmonium Ceginium will be bringing a touch of the North Wales experimental flavour to London in July . Ed will be performing on "Crosswire " his live violin and Max/msp programmed improvisors software . Philharmonium Ceginium is a dadaist inspired performance poetry and sound art experience courtesy of Emma Louis . Once seen , never repeated .

We look forward to catching up with some of our London friends - here is the address - for scaledown and who knows what will happen.... 7.00pm to 11pm The King and Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL

15th August 2012

Sound Travels Symposium

Ed Wright will be taking his violin improvisation software to perform at the opening convcert for this prestigious event 


New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) and The Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) are pleased to announce the 6th annual Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2012. At the heart of this 6th annual symposium will be a keynote lecture by Sound Travels featured artist Trevor Wishart (UK). The proceedings of the symposium will be published in a forthcoming issue of the CEC's online journal, eContact!

Also in the concert are -

Symposium Concert #1: 8-10 PM
Kerry Hagan - Morphons and Bions
Ethan Hayden - bats with baby faces in the violet light
Yota Kobayashi -Shikisou
Donna Hewitt - One
Ed Wright - Crosswire
Andrew Connor - No. 3: Foghorn Abstraction

For more information visit -

7th September 2012

Chaparral Andrew Hodges and the Barmy Army

My gig in Oxford is with 'The Barmy Army' at 'The Cellar' on Fri 7th Sep. The Barmy Army are allegedly a 'Psycodelic Punk Band' and the 'Cocaine Cowboys' and another support act are more hardcore Punk so I will avoid a solo support slot if offered. The Cellar is a popular subterranean venue in central Oxford.
Besties, Andy

9th November 2012

Blipfonica Goes Underground

Following a summer being wonderfully parental the Blip Camp is now back on form.

We are kicking off a series of events in the downstairs bar of Fat Cat Bangor with a line up that is wonderfully amazing including  live improvisation, audio visuals and surround sound electroacoustic works.

This will be our first event that lauches in our new venue , and the line up is delectable - so far included are -

Ed Wright - live violin and software compositions

Michael Kirkpatrick - Wayfaring Saunter and Movement 3

Kate Campbell - C'est La Vie

Reuben Pace - Catch The Drop - audio visual work

Allilepidrasi: its an improvisation with software built by the composer for live electronics and violin -     Composer: Kimon Emmanouil Grigoriadis      Performer: Katherine Betteridge


We are also bringing the 10 minute composition challenge - where you can have a go at composing for our artists , and your work could be selected to be performed on the night !!

It will be a ( as ever ) a truly situational experience .................................. you just have to be there.

Blipfonica Goes Underground - Downstairs at Fat Cats Bangor

Friday Nov 9th from 9 pm

entry -  only £2 ?        yes less than the price of a pint ( of whisky )

its tomorrow night !! now, where did i put the gaffer tape ..............

16th November 2012

Blipfonica Goes Underground again

More wonderfully eclectic experimental vibes from the Blipfonica team including the ( should be crowned ) royalty of improvisation Chaparral Andrew Hodges and many more . Not least the 10 minute composition challenge where you get to have a go at composing a graphic score to be performed on the night by our team .
Entry £2

Confirmed addition to the line up ! ! ! Presenting Roy Woods with his pieces - 'The Drum' (7' 22") and 'Fast Marimba' (5' 32"). Also confirmed ! We have a film showing with partial live sound track - Weimar Horror film mash up by Greg Byatt

Chaparral Andrew Hodges has confirmed is set list -

1. Something old, 'The Correct Use of LSD' - a home studio experiment from 1984 by 'Toti Emul Esto' (you have heard our recent 'Live at the Rhoshirwaun Free Festival' piece at a Hendre gig.
2. Something new, a polyrhythmic improvisation on my new Tank Drum.
3. Something borrowed, a Live remix of three tracks by 'The Soil Brothers' . Tracks where they nicked substantial bits from my albums - this is revenge! (I have permissions)
4. Something Blue, (My Blue Song)

13 March 2013

Bangor New Music Festival - Electroacoustic Wales

As part of the Electroacoustic Wales concert Ed Wright is leading workshops with school pupils from Ysgol Y Graig Llangefni to develop a new composition.

So far they have been on a soundwalk, and are developing themes for their group piece. They will compose together using found sounds, which will be used to develop their music on pro tools. On the evening of the concert the 11 year old composers will be diffusing their own work .

Electroacoustic Wales, 7:30 pm Powis Hall, Bangor University

for more info visit -

29 March - April 1st

DROP ! by Ed Wright - The March of the Good Robot

The March of The Good Robot takes place at Hendre Hall just outside Bangor this weekend.

For its 3rd year ed Wright has been a busy busy beee constructing a wonderful new interactive toy for you to build your own crazy sounds. Previously he has exhibited " Hopsotch " and   " Sound Games " which were incredibly well recieved. I even let some members of the public have a play  :-)

This year , for a very limited time - 2pm - 5pm Saturday 30th March Ed Wright will premiere the all new DROP ! - get this - an interactive sonic marble run game !!

Oh yes - you can build the marble run to reposition the sonic triggers, therefore playing with a fab toy and composing music AT THE SAME TIME !!!!!    Really, how could it get better than that ?


The march of the Good Robot  - Event Facebook page -

Ed Wright's programme notes, composers blog and geek speak -


18 May 2013

Blipfonica Live !!

The 3rd in our series of events exploring the relationship between electroacoustic music , "live instruments " and space. All in a beautiful quaint church built in the late 1800's.

The programme is

Artz for kids presents  - 4'33 - John Cage
                                Alter Piece - Emma Louis
                                 Sound Then Silence ? - Ethan Finnegan
Ed Wright - Y Twr
Michael Kirkpatrick - Verbigerate - Movement III
Kate - When Darkness Falls
            Expressions of the Piano

Ed  Wright -        Anatomy of a Mountain Stream
Gorwel Owen - Wires
Kate - Six Degrees of Separation
            Little Glass jars

Ed Wright  - Crosswire 


29th june 2013

Piano Burning

Piano Burning Annea Lockwood

Sat 29th June 6:45 The Old Goods Yard Bangor.

Bangor Sound City and Soundlands in partnership with the Harwich Festival of the Arts and The Old Goods Yard Artists' Collective present a performance of 3 of Lockwood's 1960's-70's Piano Transplant series. Annea will be performing alongside guests Xenia Pestova, Sarah Westwood and Ed Wright, along with live video link ups to the other two works:

Piano Burning - The Old Goods Yard Bangor

Piano Garden - Gwydyr Forest

Eastern Exposure - Harwich Beach

The will also be responses to the work from members ofThe Old Goods Yard Artists' Collective including: Martin Daws, ScrapYardQueen, Urban Dance Collective, Tim Cumine, Henry Horrell and Brian Nylon.

Friday March 7th 2014

WET SOUNDS - I, Demons and Chaparral Andrew Hodges

Oh Yes , WET SOUNDS RETURNS !!!! The underwater sonic experience is coming back to Bangor Swimming pool. It was a phenomenal experience last time and this year looks set to be even bigger and better. Of course I would say that as there are two Blipfonica stable artists and great friends on the line up.

Last time Chaparral Andrew Hodges played to very unsuspecting public swimmers , his esoteric etheral improvisation . This year he has been invited back to play the main stage , and i really look forward to hearing his performance this year as he is armed with previous experience of quite a harsh playing environment for an artist. I am sure I do not need to tell you that artists are playing to two different stages at the same time - underwater and over water where the sound works very differently.

New to the show  this year are I, Demons comprising of Ed Wright and SImon Proffit , they will be performing and improvised digital set along with a projected film . This will be the first time these two prolific artists have collaborated and they are sure to provide us with a dynamic unique sound. As individuals i love both their works , and canot wait to hear what they produce as a team.

As well as this there will be sonic performances by Joel Cahen and Y Niwl , as well as wonderfuly eclectic aquatic movement performances by Megan Broadmeadow and Lisa Spaull.

You really would be a fool to miss out on this truly unique event .

Event info - Wet Sounds - Bangor Swimming Pool - Friday March 7th 2014 - 8pm

Tickets - £10 - £7 - 01248 382828

Sunday 8th March 2015



19.30, Powis Hall, Bangor University





CARLA REES (flutes), HEATHER ROCHE (clarinets) & XENIA PESTOVA (piano)
Electroacoustic WALES

Daira Kwiatkowska: In the Dark Basket of my Belly (af/pno)
Coreen Morsink: Andromache (afl)
Emmerson: Resonances (8-track tape)
Tremblay: La rupture inéluctable (bcl/processing/tape)
  Ysgol Y Graig , Ysgol Y Gyfyn , Wright , Roche (cl/tape)
WMCP winning piece
Ed Bennett: Magnetic (bcl and pno)
Tremblay: asinglewordisnotenough 1 (5.1 tape)
Emmerson: Piano Piece IV (pno/fixed media)
Sungji Hong: Bisbiglio (fl/cl/pno)

Alongside the much respected Emmerson and Tremblay our Ed Wright has been working with Heather Roche ( ) and local students to compose a brand new piece for the event .

Definitely not one to be missed.

Tickets are £15 / £10 / £5

Friday 6th March 2015

Recieve and Return (with Katherine Betteridge and Sioned Eleri Roberts)


13.00, Commercial Unit, Deiniol Shopping Centre, Bangor




Alongside the art installation this concert is a musical reaction to some of the most pressing environmental issues of today. Student composers will be invited to write a piece that is directly inspired by the installation.
The event will include a premiere of festival commissioned works by Katherine Betteridge, Ellie Davies, Sioned Eleri Roberts, Dan Song and Hedd Thomas together with a new piece by pupils from Ysgol Talysarn, Dyffryn Nantlle..

Previously we have seen Katherine and Sioned performing by Ed Wright on the Blipfonica stage .  Katherine played violin using Crosswire , and Sioned played clarinet for "Enough ?" . It is wonderful that they are also moving forward as composers and I cannot wait to hear their own works .


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