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Sonic Wave Laboratory

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Sonic Wave Laboratory

Charles Gershom and Ed Wright .

Llawn 03 18 / 19th / 20 th September 2015 .

Llandudno Promenade .


This weekend on Llandudno Promenade be prepared to engage with and be immersed in the Sonic Wave Laboratory . Two sonic artists ( Charles Gershom and Ed Wright ) have been tinkering , soldering , coding , sawing and taking big boat rides to create a wondrous interactive delight .


Whatever you may think about them the wind turbines now form part of the view from Llandudno promenade . This tension of mixed views has been the inspiration for this brand new sonic display . A series of Wind Turbines will be located along the promenade , which the public are whole heartedly invited to play with . These windmills are linked to the sound equipment housed inside a bathing machine ( opposite Venue Cymru ) , where the audience will be able to hear the outcome in ambisonic 4 channel sound .


Sounds such as sea shanty , seagulls , children playing will all be manipulated by the windmills and controllers from within the bathing machine creating a perpetually evolving score generated by audience interaction.

Also within the sounds are recordings that Ed and Charles made whilst they had a day out visiting those windmills you can see on the horizon . All of the windmills are sensitive to rotation speed , however, one of the windmills is also fitted with sensors , acting as a sonic barometer , so nature will also have a hand in the composition . The sensors are built to react to air pressure , humidity, light and temperature.


So , come along to the Sonic Wave Laboratory and have a go at composing sonic art using windmills ! Guaranteed fun for all ages .


For more information on the artists visit


Charles Gershom

Twitter - @CharlesGershom

Facebook – charlesgershomartist


Ed Wright

twitter - @edwright_v440


Chaparral Andrew Hodges on Tour


Chaparral Andrew Hodges is setting off on a musical pilgrimage along the Llyn Peninsula. He will be starting at St Hywyns' Church in Aberdaron on Saturday 21st March and playing in 8 fantastic churches along the NW coast concluding at Bangor Cathedral in late May. There will be a summary concert in Llangwnnadl to coincide with the Llyn Arts Festival on Tuesday 26th May.

Each live concert will be recorded to become the backing track for the next performance Andrew describes his music as ‘not at all mainstream’
He will be experimenting with different sounds and sound patterns
to create something which is truly unique.

’For my concerts I will be using a modern sound synthesiser and a digital recorder to construct slowly changing audio scenarios (soundscapes). Whilst they are intended to tell a story with sound, these quadraphonic works do not obey any kind of traditional musical rules and contain many of my unusual sound textures, arriving at the listener from all directions’.


Here are the dates -

A series of Free Concerts on the Llyn Peninsula - all welcome !
Dates, venues & times : 
1. St Hywyns’ Aberdaron, - Sat March 21st at 7.00pm
2. St Cwfans, Tudweilliog - Tues March 24th at 3.00pm
3. St Aelhaearns, Llanaelhearn - Sat March 28th at 7.30pm
4. St Beuno, Clynnog Fawr - Sat April 11th at 7.30pm
5. St Gwyndaf, Llanwnda - Mon April 27th at 7.30pm
6. Llanfairisgaer in y Felinheli - tba
7. Bangor cathedral - tba
8. St Gwynhoedls, Llangwnnadl - Tues May 26th at 7.30pm   You can also still buy "Morbius" and other works  by Chaparral Andrew Hodges at

Improvisers Network Wales

Our Lil Miss Blip has been very busy indulging in a spot of partnership working with old friend Phil Morton from Frakture in Liverpool. Based on feedback from performers and composers we have cunningly devised this little website to help you crazy experimentalists find each other easily . 

We have called it Improvisers Network Wales , and here is the info for how to join ...............

Welcome to the Free Improvisers' Network/Wales


You are cordially invited to join the new one stop shop for all musicians, improvisers, composers and audience members who are excited by the creative and alternative arts and the process of free improvisation, it is the Free Improvisers' network/wales.


Why? The brain child  of Emma Louis ( Blipfonica | North Wales ) and Phil Morton ( Frakture | Liverpool ) the Improvisers' Network/Wales has been developed through an identified need to;

Put creative people in touch with each other. To introduce the practices of free improvisation to musicians who may have never worked in this way before. To provide a portal, to the world of free improvisation. To develop an archive. To host, support the discussion that free improvisation in the performing arts generates. To host a glossary of terms and concepts used by the genre.



Are you a musician who wants to develop skills in free improvisation Do you practice free improvisation, would you like to have contact with like minded artists Are you a contemporary composer looking for experimental musicians to realise your work? Do you wish to contact "like minded people" in your area ? in Wales?


If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the networking service for you, however, it will only work if you are signed up for it.

How do I join I hear you ask ?

It is easy - visit the website - and follow the links on the home page , to the Wales homepage, and then onto the mailing and contact list form. .

Alternatively click on the link below for the improvisers’ network Wales contact form.


Visit the FAQ's here - to webpage -
for more information on the thinking behind the network.


Emma and Phil look forward to hearing from you.


improvisers network/wales would like to thank and acknowledge the following

Arts Council Wales for funding to help set up improvisersnetwork/wales for web hosting.

The voluntary input of artists and administrators involved.

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